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      1. 一周兩次 twice a week

      2. 兩倍那么多:twice as many as ,twice bigger than ,twice the size/length/width of

      3. 一、兩天 a day or two ,one or two days

      4. 再兩周時間 anther two weeks ,two more weeks

      5. many a student has a book

      6. 總而言之 in a word

      7. 有能力做某事情 be able to do sth.,be capable of doing

      8. 怎么樣 what about doing…/how about doing

      9. 當…即將要做某事情 be about to do sth…when…

      10. 尤其是,最重要的是 above all

      11. 缺席,不在 be absent from

      12. 全神貫注于某事情 be absorbed in doing sth.

      13. 主觀接受:accept 客觀接受(接受有形,有實物的東西) receive

      14. 有權利做某事情 have access to sth.

      15. 意外的 by accident=by chance

      16. 交通事故 the traffic accident

      17. 根據 according to

      18. 考慮 take sth. into account

      19. 因為,由于 on account of=because of 后面跟名詞,不跟句子

      20. 指責某人某事情 accuse sb of sth

      指控某人某事情 charge sb with sth

      欽佩某人某事情admire sb for sth

      責備某人某事情 scold sb for sth ,blame sb for sth , sb be to blame for sth

      21. be used to do sth. 被用來做某事情

      used to do 過去常常做某事情

      be/get used to doing sth 習慣于做某事情

      22. 達到目標 achieve the goal

      23. across 穿過,和on 有關,指從上面,上方穿過, through 穿過和in有關,從里面,內部穿過

      walk across the street/bridge , walk through the forests

      24. 擔當,充當 act as , 執行 act on

      25. 采取行動 take action /take measures to do sth

      26. 在某方面積極 be active in… 積極參加 take an active part in=join in

      27. adapt… to…適應, adopt sth/sb 領養某人,采納某事情

      28. 總計達 add up to=in all=come to , 增加,增添美景/難度add to the beauty/difficulty


      29. 除了…以外(還有…) in addition to=apart from=besides (看見also,else,other 選besides)

      30. 足夠的,適當的 adequate

      31. 承認做某事情 admit doing sth , 否認做某事情 deny doing sth

      32. 允許入內,被錄取進入學校 be admitted into/to school

      33. 預先,提前 in advance , ahead of time

      34. 利用 take advantage of , make use of, by means of

      35. advice, news , information 為不可數名詞

      36. 給某人忠告 give sb advice on sth , 聽取某人的忠告 take one`s advice

      37. affect 動詞,影響 effect 名詞,影響 對…有重大影響have a big effect on …

      afford 動詞,買得起,常跟在can,could,be able to后面

      有足夠的金錢做某事情 can afford sth/to do sth

      38. be afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事情 ; be afraid to do sth 不敢做某事情

      39. after all 畢竟,終究

      40. in the morning ; on Sunday mornings

      41. 以某人的年齡來說 for one`s age

      42. 答應做某事情agree to do sth , 同意某人的觀點agree with sb/what sb said

      (氣候,食物)的適合agree with the climate 對…意見一致agree on sth

      43. alive 形容詞,活著的,做表語,sb be alive 某人是活著的, a man alive 活著的人

      catch sb alive 活捉某人

      living 形容詞,活著的,做定語,the living people 活著的人,

      live 形容詞,現場的 broadcast live 現場直播

      lively 形容的,充滿活力的,靈敏的

      44. for all 盡管 , first of all 首先, above all 尤其重要的是, in all 總共, after all 畢竟,終究

      all over the world 世界各地區, not …at all 一點也不

      45. 允許某人做某事情 allow/permit doing sth , allow/permit sb doing sth ,

      sb be allowed/permitted to do sth

      46. 幾乎不almost not=not nearly=hardly=scarcely

      47. The man lives alone , but he doesn`t feel lonely.

      48. 和…相處很好,進展很好 get along/on well with sb/sth

      49. 頌讀課文read aloud the text , 說出聲音來 speak aloud


      50. 除…以外別無選擇have no choice but to do sth

      51. 老是做某事情be always doing sth

      52. 對…驚訝 be amazed at , be surprised at, be astonished at

      對…滿意 be pleased with , be happy with , be satisfied with

      對…憤怒 be angry about/at sth, be angry with sb for sth

      對…嚴厲 be strict with sb in sth , be hard on sb

      對…擔心 be worried about , be anxious about

      對…感到慚愧 be shamed of sth, be shy of sth

      渴望做某事情 be eager to do sth , be anxious to do sth

      渴望得到某物 long for sth , hope for sth , be dying for sth , be anxious for sth

      53. 修飾不可數名詞: a large amount of , a great deal of , a large sum of , a little , little

      修飾可數名詞: a great number of , few , a few , several

      兩者皆可修飾:a lot of , lots of , plenty of ,the number of (…的數量)

      54. 每年的,年刊annual

      55. 一個接一個one after another

      56. 接電話answer the call , 回信 answer the letter/reply to the letter/write to sb

      對…負責answer for =be responsible for

      57. 任何的一家書店 any bookstore

      58. anyway 無論怎么樣 anyhow 不管怎么說

      59. 為某事情向某人道歉 apologize to sb for sth

      60. 吸引appeal to sb = attract sb =sth catch one`s eye

      61. appear to do sth , appear to be doing sth , appear to have done sth

      It seems/seemed that… There seems/seemed to be…

      62. 從外表判斷judge from /by one’s appearance

      63. 向某人申請… apply to sb for sth , 把…應用于/涂在…上apply…to…

      64. 欣賞/感激做某事情appreciate doing sth , 如果…我會不勝感激 I would appreciate it if…

      65. 和某人就某事情爭吵 argue with sb about sth

      66. look around 環顧, show sb around 帶領某人參觀

      67. 安排某人做某事情 arrange for sb to do sth

      68. arrive at +小地點(airport) , arrive in +大地點(Shanghai), arrive home, arrive late

      69. 一件工藝品a work of art

      70. 假花artificial flower , 假牙false teeth

      71. as he is a teacher =teacher as he is, as he is young=young as he is (as解釋為雖然=though)

      as he grows up 隨著年齡的長大 , as we all know 眾所周知

      as+形容詞+as 和…一樣 ,not so+形容詞+as 和…不一樣

      as far as I know 就我所知 ,as long as 只要

      as well as 也

      72. ask after sb 問候某人 , ask for sb 請求某人 , ask for help 請求幫忙

      73. fall asleep 入睡 , go to bed 上床睡覺 , go to sleep 入眠 , feel sleepy 感覺瞌睡的

      74. 把…和…聯想在一起be associated with sth

      75. 我向你保證…I assure you that … , assure sb of sth 向某人保證…

      76. 心臟病heart attack

      77. 企圖做某事情 make an attempt to do sth

      78. 出席典禮attend the ceremony ,上學attend school

      79. 注意… pay attention to sth/doing sth

      80. a large/small audience 一大/小批聽/觀眾 , 500個觀眾 an audience of five hundred

      81. 可取得的,可采用的sth is available to sb

      82. average 平均的:on average normal 正常的,通常指精神,體溫正常:normal temperature

      ordinary 普通的,指地位普通 ordinary people , ordinary medicine

      usual 慣例的,通常的 as usual, the usual time ,at the usual place

      regular有規律的 regular customer

      common普遍的,大家所共同擁有的 common sense , common illness

      83. 試圖避免做某事情try to avoid doing sth

      84. 意識到be aware of = realize

      85. award 動詞:授予,給予報酬, 名詞:獎品 award sb sth=award sth to sb

      reward n./v.報答,獎賞 reward sb with sth for sth

      86. 凡是指嬰兒和電話用語中都用it

      87. 回顧歷史look back into history

      88. 對…是有害的 be bad for…/be harmful to…/do harm to

      89. 非常需要… need/want/require sth badly

      90. 保持生態平衡keep the balance of nature

      91. 禁止某人做某事情 ban sb from doing sth=forbid sb to do sth

      92. 以…為基礎base…on, 忙于做某事情 be busy in doing sth , 被…覆蓋be covered with

      93. 在海灘上on the beach , 在農場里in the farm , 在操場at the playground

      在田野里in the fields ,

      94. 不能忍受某人做某事情can`t bear/stand doing sth ,

      不能理解某事情can`t understand doing sth

      95. 牢記…bear/keep sth in mind 動動腦筋use one`s brains

      96. beat sb by 3:1以3:1擊敗某人, the heart beat 心臟跳動 , beat times打拍子

      97. not…but… 不是…而是… not because…but because不是因為…而是因為…

      98. 還要很長時間…It will be a long time before +句子(用一般現在時)

      不久就…It won`t be a long time before+句子(用一般現在時)

      自從…以來…It is/has been 5 years since+句子(用過去時)

      99. 由…開始begin with , 在…一開始at the beginning of

      100. behaviour n.行為,舉止 , habit n.個人習慣 , manners n.禮貌 , customs n.風俗習慣

      101. 落后,落伍 fall behind , 落后于時代behind the times

      102. the news , the truth , the fact , the idea后用that引導同位語從句

      103. 信不信由你believe it or not , 坦率地說frankly speaking=to be frank

      104. 屬于 belong to (無進行時,無被動) The book belongs to me.

      105. 受益,獲益于benefit from / benefit sb a lot

      106. 最好做某事情 had better do sth / had better not do sth

      It is better to do sth / It is better not to do sth

      107. not a bit=not at all 一點也不 , not a little=very非常

      108. 一只眼失明be blind in one eye

      109. 對…厭煩be bored with=be tired of =be fed up with

      110. borrow sth from sb 從某人那里借進某物 , lend sth to sb向某人借出某物

      buy sth from sb 向某人買某物, buy sth for sb為某人買了某物

      111. bread and butter, when and where , knife and fork , law and order,

      each man and (each) woman , every boy and (every)girl 以上詞組做主語,謂語動詞用單數

      112. 違反法律break the law , 闖入break into , (戰爭,火災的)爆發 break out

      機器壞了,精神垮了break down

      113. 屏住呼吸catch /hold one`s breath , 上氣不接下氣out of breath

      114. 河上的橋the bridge over the river , 桌上的書the book on the desk

      115. bring sb up 撫養某人=raise sb, sb grow up某人長大成人

      116. 突然大笑burst into laughter=burst out laughing , 突然大哭burst into tears=burst out crying

      117. do business做生意 , be on business在出差

      118. 忙于做某事情be busy in doing sth=be busy with sth

      119. 按小時得到工資get paid by the hour

      120. call for 需要, call on 號召,呼吁, call off 取消 ,call on sb=call at sp拜訪

      121. 保持鎮靜remain calm , 冷靜下來calm down

      122. can`t help doing sth 情不自禁去做某事情, can`t help but do sth 只能去做某事情

      can`t help (to) do sth 不能去做某事情 , can`t…too…太…也不過分

      123. care for =take care of照顧,喜歡, care about關心,在乎

      124. 職業,生涯career

      125. 小心be careful= look out =watch out

      126. carry on 繼續做某事情, carry out 執行, carry sth with sb隨身攜帶某物

      carry the news on the paper在報紙上刊登消息,

      127. in case 以防萬一+句子(用should+動詞原型), in case of +n . 以防萬一,遇到…的時候

      in that case 如果那樣的話, in no case 決不

      128. 抓住某人的手臂catch sb by the arm , 打在某人的臉上beat sb in the face

      打在某人的鼻子上hit sb on the nose , 牽某人的手take sb by the hand

      129. catch the train 趕上火車 , catch up with sb 追上,趕上某人, catch a cold 感冒

      catch sb doing sth 抓住某人正在做某事情, be caught in the rain 淋雨,

      be caught in the traffic jam遇到交通阻塞

      130. cause and effect 因果關系, …的原因the cause of…,the reason for

      使某人做某事情 cause sb sth = cause sb to do sth

      131. Chances are that…很可能…

      There is no possibility of doing sth…做某事情沒有可能性

      132. in charge of…掌管…, in the charge of sb由某人掌管

      133. 騙某人東西cheat sb (out) of sth , 偷某人東西steal sth from sb

      搶劫某人東西rob sb of sth

      134. cheat at exams

      135. check in 登記入住,上機 check out結帳離開,出境

      136. 使某人振作精神cheer sb up

      137. 兒童節children`s day 有day無the

      138. 可供選擇的五對five pairs to choose from/five pairs to be chosen

      139. 在圣誕節 at Christmas 在圣誕前夕 on Chrismas Day’s Eve

      140. 自稱是,聲稱是 claim to be sth

      141. 天氣放晴,疑團解開 clear up 把..弄清楚 make sth clear=make it clear to do/that

      142. 靠近 be close to sth 讓門關著 with the door closed 讓門開著 with the door open

      143. 布料 cloth 衣服 clothes 衣物 clothing

      144. 案子的線索 the clue to the case 練習的答案 the key to the exercise

      問題的解決方法 the solution to the problem 門的鑰匙 the key to the door

      電影院的入口 the entrance to the cinema

      145. 集郵 collect stamps 籌款 collect/raise money

      146. 把A和B相結合 combine A with B 把A和B做比較 compare A with B

      把A比作B compare A to B

      147. 向某人抱怨 complain to sb about/of sth

      148. How come?=Why? 蘇醒 come to(oneself)

      偶遇 come across=run into=meet with=meet…by chance

      149. 對..作出評論 make comments on sth

      150. 通過..與某人交流 communicate with sb by sth

      151. 由..組成 be composed of= be made up of= consist of

      152. 得出結論 arrive at/come to the conclusion

      153. 只要 on condition that=as long as

      154. 對..有信心 have confidence in=be confident of

      155. 向某人祝賀某事 congratulate sb on sth

      156. 把..看作 consider sb to be=consider sb as 考慮做某事 consider doing sth

      157. 和某人接觸 contact sb=make contact with sb

      158. 某人方便的話 It is convenient to sb to do sth

      159.生活費 the cost of living 不惜一切代價 at all costs

      什么使某人付出什么代價 sht cost sb sth

      某人付錢買什么 sb pay money/time to do sth

      花費某人去 It takes sb some money/time to do sth

      160. 在..過程中 in/during the course of

      161. 書的封面 the cover of the course of 桌子的表面 the surface of the desk

      162. 擠滿 be crowded with

      163. 做某事毫無用處 It’s no use doing sth=It’s not useful to do

      164. 對…感到好奇 be curious about

      165. 削減/砍伐 cut down 割去/斷絕 cut off 插嘴 cut in=interrupt

      166. damage(修飾sth,損壞,毀壞) wound (修飾sb 刀傷,搶傷)

      destroy (修飾sth 破壞,.消滅) injured (修飾sb 指事故受傷)

      hurt (修飾sb 指心靈情感受傷)

      167. 看見 the other day/ago 用過去時

      168. dead 形容詞,死的 the dead man 已死去的人

      deadly 形容詞,致命的 the deadly weapon 致命武器

      dying 形容詞,垂死的 the dying man 快要死的人

      death 名詞,死亡 come to death 瀕臨死亡

      169. deal with sb/sth (How) do with sth (What)

      170. 做出決定 make a decision=make up one’s mind to do sth=decide to do sth

      171. 滿足需求 meet one’s needs/demands

      172. 依靠 depend on

      173. 沖洗底片 develop the film

      174. the developed country 發達國家 the developing country 發展中國家

      the excited boy興奮的男孩 the fallen leaves落葉 the retired worker退休工人

      175.隨著…的發展 with the development of

      176. 致力于 devote oneself/time to doing sth

      177. 死于疾病 die of a disease 死于刀傷 die from wound

      178. A和B在…方面不同differ A from B in /A is different from B in

      有所差別 make a difference

      179. 覺得做某事有困難 have difficulty/trouble in doing sth

      不辭辛勞去做某事 take the trouble to do sth.

      180. 稍遠一些 at a distance 在遠處 in the distance

      181. 把..分成…pide…into… 把…隔開…isolate…from… 把…分開…separate…from…

      182. I don’t doubt that… I doubt when/what/whether…

      183. 由于…病倒了 be down with

      184. five dozen/hundred/thousand dozens/hundreds/thousands of

      185. 夢想做… dream of doing …

      186.穿著… be dressed in 某人自己穿衣 dress oneself/sb

      187. Each of us has a book We each have books

      188. 謀生 earn/make one’s living

      189. effective 效的 efficient 高效的

      190. 推選某人做主席 elect sb chairman (職位名詞前不加冠詞)

      191. 使某人能夠做某事 enable sb to do sth

      192. 鼓勵某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth

      193. energy n.能量,活力,精力 full of energy force n.武力 work force

      strength n.力氣 have strength to do sth

      194. be engaged in sth 忙著做某事 be engaged to sb 與某人訂婚

      195. 說英語的國家 English-speaking country 英語口語 spoken English

      196. something interesting old enough to do sth

      197. equip sb with sth/provide sth for sb supply sb with sth/supply sth to sb

      offer sb sth /offer sth to sb

      198. even though/if 即使 as though/if似乎,好像 ever since 自從…以來

      199. 每隔一天 every other day 每三周 every three weeks

      200. 除了…之外,只得做某事 do nothing except/but do sth

      201. 原諒某人做某事 excuse one’s doing sth excuse sb for doing sth

      202. 期待某人做某事 expect to do sth/expect sb to do sth

      hope to do sth/hope that+句子(用will/would+V.)

      want to do sth

      wish to do sth/with that +句子(用過去時/had done/would+V.) wish sb sth

      203. Sth is expensive/cheap The price is high/low

      204. expand擴大expand the business extend延伸 extend the road

      205. 某方面專家 the expert in sth

      206. 解釋… explain doing sth explain to sb. sth

      207. 事實上 in fact=as a matter of fact

      208. 不能/沒有做某事 fail to do sth.

      209. 相當,十分 fairly修飾褒義詞 fairly well

      rather too=much too=far too rathe修飾比較級

      a rather cold day=rather a cold day (貶義詞)

      quite 修飾 il,im,in開頭的單詞

      210. be familiar with 熟悉 be familiar to sb 為某人所熟悉的

      be similar to與…相似/ the same as

      211. 以…而著名be famous/know for+原因 be famous/known as+職業

      212. Far 修飾比較級,by far 多用于修飾最高級

      213. 以…為生 feed on …=live on …

      214. only a few=few 只有幾個 quict a few=many 許多

      215. 充滿 be filled with=with=be full of

      216. 完成做某事 finish doing sth

      217.the first to come,the first to do /that… the last to leave the next to do

      the first time=the minute=the moment=when

      218. fit:尺寸大小合適 suit顏色,式樣,款式合適 match=go with 相配

      219. fix one’s eyes on sth 注視

      220. flight 航班 float漂浮 fly 飛 flow流動

      221. focus attention/mind on 集中注意力

      222. 愛好,喜歡 be fond of=be keen on

      223. 釋放某人 set sb free

      224. in front of 在…前面 in the front of 在…前部

      225. What fun what bad news/weather

      226. 得到更多信息 get further information

      227. gnerally speaking 一般說來

      228. 上(下)公共汽車get on, get off 上(下)小汽車get into, get out of

      229. 在某方面有天賦 have a gift for…

      230. give away 贈送,泄漏 give in屈服 give up放棄

      give out發出(熱,氣味)筋疲力盡,分發 give off 發出(熱,氣味)

      231. only too =very非常 only to do sth結果卻

      never to do sth 從不做just to do sth 只能做

      232. glance at 瞥一眼 glare on 怒目相視

      stare at 盯著看 watch sth disappear 注視..消失

      233.go bad變質 go over復習 go wrong發生故障

      234.be good at 擅長 do good to sb/sth 對某人/某物有好處

      be good for sb對某人有好處

      A good many students have books/ Many a student has a book

      做什么事毫無用處 It’s no good doing=It’s no good to do sth

      The more work you do,the more good you will get.

      235.畢業于 graduate from

      236.因..感激某人 be grateful to sb for sth/be thankful to sb for sth

      237.養成..習慣 form/get into the habit of doing sth

      改掉習慣 break/get rid og the habit of doing sth

      238.cut sth in half=cut sth into halves

      239.幫忙 lend a hand to sb 上交 hand in

      240.hang 懸掛—hung—hung/hang 上吊—hanged—hanged

      241.碰巧做某事 happen to do sth/碰巧… It (so) happens that…/

      某事碰巧發生某人身上 Sth happen to sb

      242.Hardly…when…/no sooner…than…(置于句首,前分句倒裝,前句用Had done,后句過去時)

      Hardly had he left When I came

      243.在某方面有問題 have trouble with sth/

      讓某人做某事 have sb do sth=let sb do sth=make sb do sth

      讓某事被做 have sth done 使..處于某種狀態 have sth doing

      與…有關 have something to do with

      244.收到某人來信 hear from sb

      聽見某人做某事(全過程) hear sb do 聽見某人做某事(片段) hear sb doing

      245.激烈的討論 heated discussion

      246.大雨/雪 heavy rain/snow

      247.幫助某人擺脫困境 help sb out 幫助某人做某事 help sb with sth=help sb(to) do sth

      有用的 be of help=be helpful 在..的幫助下 with the help of

      248.猶豫做某事 hesitate to do sth

      249.高度評價 think/speak highly of

      250.舉起/耽擱 hold up 別掛斷 hold on 阻擋 hold back

      251.為了紀念 in honour of

      252.無論多困難 however difficult=whatever difficulty/

      無論…however+形容詞/副詞 =whatever+名詞

      253.匆忙做某事 hurry to do sth=do sth in a hurry

      254.對..有大概的了解 get a rough/general idea of sth

      255.不良作用 ill effect 副作用 side effect

      256.設想做某事 imagine doing sth

      257.對..產生影響 have an impact/influence on 給某人留下好印象 give sb a good impression

      258.在某人20幾歲時 in one’s twenties

      259.depend on依靠=rely on be independent of 不依賴別人的,.獨立的

      260.把某事通知某人 inform sb of sth 使某人得到通知 keep sb informed of sth

      261.比…次等 be inferior to 比…高等 be senior to 比…低 be junior to

      262.堅持做某事 insist on doing sth

      堅決要求做 insist that+句子(用should+V)

      堅持..觀點 insist that+句子(事實情況)

      263.打算做某事 plan to do=mean to do= intend to do

      264.對..感興趣 take/show interest in=be interested in

      265.參軍 join the army 成為一員 join sb 積極參加 join in=take part in

      266.和某人開玩笑 play a joke on sb 嘲笑某人 laugh at sb=make fun of sb

      267.靠左行駛 keep to the left

      阻止某人做某事keep sb from doing sth=prevent sb (from)doing sth=stop sb (from)doing sth

      與..保持一致 keep up with 趕上 catch up with 勿踏草坪 keep off the grass

      268.拆毀 knock sth down=pull sth down 撞倒某人 knock sb down

      269.認識某人 know sb 了解某人 know about/of sb

      270.一門關于..的知識 a knowledge of English

      271.缺少 lack sth=be lacking in sth=be short of sth 由于缺乏 for lack of=be in absence of

      272.持續 last for=run for=continue for=last


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